Nursery School - 4 years to 5 years

Young Preschool

The Nursery School program is for children that are from 4 years old to Kindergarten age. The child staff ratio is 1:10. The maximum class size is 20.

Licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, our Nursery School program will prepare your child for Kindergarten and beyond.

Four to five year olds are imaginative, independent, and creative. Our program is designed so that the children can explore their environment and work with materials and equipment that coincides with the child's developmental levels.

The Nursery School day consists of Journal Time, Arts and Crafts, Group and Independent Meeting Times, Science, Math and Writing Times, Pre-Reading Activities, Table Games/Cooking and Gross Motor/Outside Activities.

We provide parents with a communication journal that their child's teacher fills out each day. This journal makes it possible for parents to closely follow their child's classroom progress.