Older Infants - 8 months to 15 months

Older Infants

The Older Infant Program is for infants from 8 months old to 15 months old. The staff to child ratio for this age group is 1:4. The maximum class size is 4.

Your baby is changing so quickly making so many first strides in their life from crawling to walking, to climbing, to exploring. Infants at this stage need a safe, secure, and an exciting environment to experience their world in a new and exciting ways.

Infants at this stage have no set schedule. The child creates his/her own activities, eating, and sleeping times. Our staff will meet each child's needs on an individual basis.

Our program will be an extension of their home setting, such as providing a warm, safe, and stimulating environment with caring attention and affection. Each child has their own crib and a daily log of their activities is kept for the entire time they are in the Older Infant Room.