Young Preschool - 25 months to 3 years

Young Preschool

The Young Preschool (Y-PRE) program is for children from 25 months old through 36 months old. The child staff ratio is 1:6. The maximum class size is 18.

Young Preschoolers are an energetic group, they are becoming experts at running, jumping, dancing, and talking. Each day this group will participate in a themed-based curriculum that focuses on stimulating your child and teaching him/her about the wonders of the world, as well as their shapes, colors, ABC's and 123's.

The Young Preschool day consists of Story Time, Centers of Art, Language Arts, Science and Math, Songs/Finger Play, Free ExploratiArt Activities/Fine Motor Skills and Gross Motor/Outside Activities.

Toilet training begins when the child, parents, and staff decide the child is ready. This step is very important in a child's development. This is a two-way process. Both the teacher and parent need to work together to help the child become toilet trained.

We provide parents with a communication journal that their child's teacher fills out each day. This journal makes it possible for parents to closely follow their child's classroom progress.